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Greeting from Sikri Farms!

Traditionally, it has been an agrarian economy across the world and agriculture sector has made impressive strides in the past. Much of the credit for this success should go to the several million small farming families that form the backbone of Indian agriculture and economy. The agriculture sector recorded satisfactory growth due to improved technology, irrigation & inputs. Still, there are some critical issues faced by Indian agriculture system, which needs to be addressed on an urgent basis.

COUNTRIES LIKE India has high population pressure on land and other resources to meet its food and development needs THEREFORE CHEMICAL FERTILIZERS WERE INTRODUCED IN ORDER TO IMPROVE THE PRODUCTION BUT UNFORTUNATLY IT HAS PROVED DISSAPPOINTING IN TERMS OF SOIL FERTILITY, ECOLOGIAL CYCLE , QUALITY OF FRUIT AND NOW THE PRODUCTION AS WELL. SO WE HAVE LOST IT COMPLETELY. PRODUCTION HAS BECOME STAGNENT OR ITS DECLINING SOIL HEALTH HAS GONE SO MUCH DOWN ANDTHERE IS SO MUCH RESIDUAL EFFECT IN THE PRODUCE. This resulted in considerable depletion of natural resources and the excessive use of chemical aggravated the problem further and agriculture everywhere, is witnessing rapid loss of soil nutrients.

Sustainable agriculture is the need of the hour and integrated approach in farming is key in achieving that goal.


It is holistic system of farming which optimizes productivity in a sustainable manner through creation of interdependent agri-eco systems where BASE SHOULD BE ORGANIC AND CHEMICALS SHOULD BE USED in secondary formĀ  IN LIMITED QUANTITY ONLY.
The thumb rule is that we have to find ways of increasing yield without fiddling with ‘Mother Nature’.

We wish to extend our support to the fellow farming community towards making a healthier, greener world.
Happy Farming!

Karan Sikri
Sikri Farms

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