" I am very impressed & inspired by the work you all are doing in agriculture. Keep it up, All the best! I hope one day soon hundreds would get inspired by your efforts every day."

Mr. Naveen Jindal,
Member Parliament Kurukshetra

"It was a pleasure to visit the Sikri Farms. Mr. Karan has been practicing, a highly diversified farming system using raised bed planting system. Mr. Karan is trying various intercrops in narrow beds and wide beds using high value crops such as Peas, Gladiolus, Chickpeas, Marigold and several other things to save on water, fuel, energy and improve quality of the produce, RWC is happy to work with Mr. Karan. "

Mr. Raj Gupta,

Phone: 9811378000

"Very good farm with advanced cropping, new varieties. "

Mr. Gurmeet Singh,
HCS, MD, Sugar Mills, Shahbad,

"Good efforts & great enthusiasm! "

Ms. Gargi Parsai, The Hindu, New Delhi

"Very excellent & innovative work on integrated farming systems. I highly commend the work initiated just about 18 months ago & congratulate the young farmer for his great enthusiasm, motivation & drive to continue this activity. I wish good luck & would like to visit again in future. "

Dr. Jagdish Timsina,
CSIRO, Land & Water, Griffith, NSW, 2680, Australia

Phone:612 69601571

"Thank You for your time and hospitality. It was great to see a young farmer enjoying agriculture. Your enthusiasm is great and we appreciated seeing your diverse farming activities. Best of luck for a successful future."

Mr. Peter Hooks,
Dpt, Crops & Soil, Cornell University, Ithaca New York(USA)

"Wonderful farming enterprises. Keep up good work!"

Mr. Robin Bellenier,
Dpt of Horticulture, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York (USA)

"Very interesting farm with lot potential. A farmer willing to change and willing to change & to learn. The potential is there for a bright future"

Mr. Theodor Friedrid, FAO, Rome
Phone: +39-065705-5694

"We wish you prosperous development to the introduction of new advanced agricultural techniques and good health of your family. Long live friendship between Korean & Indian people!"

Mr. Kim Myong Ho,
Director, Agriculture Technology & Science. DPR, Korea

"Noblest person in the world is a farmer. Mr. Karan’s achievements in this short period are commendable. My heartfelt desire is that Mr. Karan to be outstanding farmer of Haryana & India. Wish him all success!"

Mr. Channarajas, Vapi, UPL, Gujrat
Phone: 9909994075


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