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Vermicompost - Organic Fertilizer Dealership Opportunity

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1. How much does it cost to start a vermicompost business?

Ans: In an initial investment of thirty thousand ( INR ) you can start your vermicompost business.

2. Where can I sell vermicompost?

Ans: It's a basic requirement of everyone, we all need it for our pots and plants, kitchen gardens, landscaping, agriculture etc so everyone is a customer.

3. What's the future of vermicompost business?

Ans: Till the time there is the future of soil there is the future of vermicompost. Soil needs food to sustain and vermicompost is one of the most nutritious, healthy, viable food for the soil. Also now it's a matter of saving the soil as it's too hungry so the future is never ending.

4. Can I sell vermicompost from my shop?

Ans: Yes we help thoroughly to complete required formalities which are actually quite simple for selling vermicompost from the shop.

5. How can I become an authorized dealer of SIKRI vermicompost?


1. Fill the form

2. We will contact you to have a meeting

3. The same day a Organic Fertilizer Dealership certificate will be issued during your first purchase.

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