Benefits that will change your farm or orchad performance

Sikri Farms vermicompost is a cost effective soil conditioner and fertiliser for your farm or orchard. Delivering plant available nutrients, essential micronutrients, natural plant growth hormones, active fungi and bacteria, nutrient unlocking enzymes, and the best soil humus to boost your most valuable asset.

It will take the overall performance of your soil to its true potential.

Higher Yields

It improves plant growth and yields

Healthier Plants, Fruits, Vegetables & Crops

It can suppress pests and infections for healthier plants and fruits

Increase Nutrient Uptake

Higher root activity, mycorrhiza fungi and enzymes unlock nutrients in topsoils.

More Earthworms

Vemicompost affects the bulk density of the soil thus boosts the earthworm population in soil.

Increase Drought Tolerance

An abundance of deeper roots gives you more access to stored soil water plus nutrients to maintain high yield.

Improve Soil Life

Adding more fungi, mycorrhiza, bacteria, protozoa and earthworms improves your soil plant ecosystem.

Reduce Nutrient Losses

Save money on fertilisers and keep nitrate out of the groundwater for sustainable farming.

Better Soil Structure

Reduce soil erosion and runoff and stable soil aggregate by adding humus.

Easy Spreading

Due to its uniform and fine particle size.

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