Earthworm Culture Italian 1kgs

From our certified hatchery, we provide baby tiger worms (Eisenia foetida) along with the capsules harvested from their grain-based bedding. Next to the harvest, we also provide juvenile tiger worms and their natural bedding for a farmer’s worm farm.

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From our certified hatchery, we provide several hundreds of adults and juvenile tiger worms (Eisenia foetida) with capsules, baby worms, and their natural bedding. The number of capsules and worms may vary according to the season.

Our worms are not sourced from wild habitats or picked off the ground. We don’t want our products to negatively affect the environment and we want you to know our Live Red Wiggler Worms for Sale haven’t been harvested from endangered species!

We don't like using strong UV lights and machines to forcibly extract worms from their bedding before counting and re-packing them. By harvesting one or two of the blocks each week, you should be able to rotate your worm population throughout the farm quickly without causing undue stress upon them. We recommend applying at least 2 bags of our Vermicompost per block of vermibed right when you set up the new worm farm - let it sit for a day or two so that it can get watered in well before adding your worms with their Bedding Block on top! If you are looking to buy Eisenia Fetida Online, then connect with us today.

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