Best Vermicompost for Flower Plants

Who wouldn’t want to experience the joy of finally seeing a flower bud bloom open after months or years of patient efforts? If you wish to indulge in gardening, you would definitely want a healthy, flourishing garden. Where do you begin? What is the best way to ensure your flowering plants thrive?

If you wish to create an organic garden, getting vermicompost for your flowering pots might be the best way forward. Read on to discover how vermicompost can help your garden bloom more flowers than ever.

Problems Faced in Growing Flowering Plants

Irrespective of the type or colour of flower you choose to grow in your garden, even the toughest plants need to be tended to for survival and to ensure the flower's blooms. But this is easier said than done. Gardeners face a lot of problems while growing flowering plants.

Some flowering plants are susceptible to all kinds of changes. Things like excessive watering, insufficient sunlight, excessive use of fertilizers and changes in weather conditions can cause them to wither and die quickly. Here’s a list of difficulties faced in growing flowering plants.

  • Poor Soil Structure
  • Disturbed pH Level of Soil
  • Poor Water Holding Capacity of Field/ Pot
  • Weak Root Growth of Plants
  • Spots on Leaves
  • Plants Not Bearing Flowers
  • Plants are Weak and Lacklustre
  • Plants Appear to be Wilting
  • Slow or No Growth in Plants

Most of the issues mentioned earlier are further amplified due to the Indian weather conditions and soil qualities. This might be one of the major reasons why you aren’t able to achieve the same quality and texture in the flowers blooming in your backyard.

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What is Vermicompost, and How Does it Work?

Vermicomposting is a process that converts organic matter into super compost that’s beneficial to the soil and the plants. It is produced with the help of worms, which process and digest the waste and excrete worm castings into the soil. This odourless end-product derived from composting organic matter by different species of earthworms is called vermicompost.

When you add vermicompost to your flowering pots, it organically provides all kinds of essential micro and macronutrients. It’s the ideal choice for mulching plants. Vermicompost maintains the colour, size and shape of the foliage and flowers by providing a steady supply of nutrients. Moreover, vermicompost is 100% organic manure, non-toxic and safe for everyone. It’s a super-refined form of compost that’s much more effective and safer than chemical fertilizers.

What are the Benefits of Using Vermicompost for Flowering Plants?

As mentioned above, vermicompost is a super compost, which is why it’s gaining tremendous popularity worldwide. Vermicompost offers benefits superior to your farmyard manure and various chemical fertilizers available in the markets. Here’s a brief on how using vermicompost can benefit your flowering plants.

  • Improves Soil Aeration
  • Regulation of pH Levels
  • Adds Organic Content and Nutrients
  • Adds Microbes to the Soil
  • Improves Soil’s Physical Structure
  • Improves Soil’s Moisture Holding Capacity
  • Provides a Slower Release of Nutrients
  • Boosts Soil’s Ability To Keep Nutrients Readily Available for Plant Usage
  • Helps Develop Plants Roots
  • Aids in Germination and Plant Growth
  • Aids in the Suppression of Plant Diseases, Insects, and Pests
  • Doesn’t Burn Like Synthetic Fertilizers

Did you know that Potassium is a macro-nutrient responsible for the colour and texture of flowers? Also, the potash in the soil should be in mobilised form so that plants can easily use it. Vermicompost added to the soils ensures potash is available in adequate amounts. Furthermore, the potash mobilising bacteria present in vermicompost ensures the nutrient is readily available for plant usage.

With the application of vermicompost, you will be able to see a significant difference in your plant's health and the texture, colour and size of the flowers blooming. Furthermore, the flowers in your garden will bloom for more days and have better weather resistance.

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Why Come to Sikri Farms?

Flowering plants need top-notch care to bloom properly. If you want your plants to bear flowers with picturesque texture, colour and larger size, you might want to add vermicompost at regular intervals to your flowering plants. It has a profound effect on the plants, helping seeds germinate quickly and grow faster and healthier.

Sikri Farms is a national award winner for its innovation in nano-technology in vermicomposting. We offer export-quality, 100% organic, and eco-friendly vermicompost. Our products come with the proper certification so that you don’t have to think twice about authenticity..

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