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Experienced and Award Winning Vermicompost Suppliers in Delhi NCR

Are you associated with kitchen gardening or horticulture? Are you wondering where to find premium quality vermicompost in or around the Delhi NCR region? Sikri Farms offer a wide range of solutions with its high-quality and eco-friendly vermicomposting manures.

We are a leading organic vermicompost supplier in Delhi NCR with one of the largest manufacturing plants in India. Providing the best quality, safe, and organic vermicompost, we help you improve and maintain soil's health and take your soil to the next level in terms of fertility. Our diverse range of vermicompost and plant growth promoters help you practice farming or gardening more effectively.

Holding a distinct reputation as one of India's earliest and leading organic fertilizers manufacturers in Delhi, we are committed to delivering you nothing but excellent quality products. Our uncompromising standards towards quality ensure that you get only the best of what nature can offer!

Sikri Farms – The Trusted Source of Manure For Organic Farming

Sikri Farms is a trusted brand known for its best quality and efficient vermicompost and other organic fertilizers. Typically, city waste-based manures are used to fertilize the soil and get better harvests. However, this can be inefficient and useless.

At Sikri Farms, we optimize our manufacturing process, bringing more innovation to create less expensive fine quality vermicomposts, ensuring top results.

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Why Use Vermicompost Fertilizer?

Vermicompost fertilizer is an environmentally friendly and all in one fertilizer. Having been used for centuries, vermicompost continues to grow as people get more aware of its long-term benefits.

The composting process breaks down organic materials into nutrients that improve soil quality, resulting in healthier plants in terms of colour, size, and overall quality of the flower/fruit.

Our 100% organic and best-quality vermicompost is a great product – be it an agricultural farm or kitchen garden. Vermicomposts have a plethora of benefits such as:

  • It improves soil structure, porosity, and water infiltration rate.
  • Provide all the nutrients to the plant and conserve the soil.
  • Creates a protective layer on top of the soil against erosion and prevent pollutant interaction with soil
  • Contain antifungal properties that restrict and eliminate risk to plant diseases
  • Attracts beneficial insects like bees, ladybugs and other pollinators, which help you produce more vegetables in your garden.

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Organic fertilizers have been scientifically proven to provide the necessary nutrition for trees and plants. The benefits of using organic fertilizer include increased nutrient availability, reduced soil compaction, and preventing pesticide runoff.

If you are a landscaper, farmer, or horticulturist looking for an environmentally-friendly solution that benefits your business as well as the environment, contact us today! We can help you find a supplier or offer our line of eco-friendly products with all these advantages.

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