Vermilizer - Vermicompost with added natural Enhancers & Minerals 20kgs

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Sikri Farms - Manufacturing The Best Fortified Vermicompost named Vermilizer - An Indo Korean Collaboration in India

When it comes to finding the best organic fertilizers in India, Sikri Farms is the go-to name. With a rich history of supplying high-quality vermicompost and a new revolutionary product called Vermilizer - An Indo Korean Collaboration, Sikri Farms has emerged as a trusted vermicompost manufacturer & wholesale supplier for farmers across India.

With rich experience and research backing its agricultural products, Sikri Farms offers farmers a reliable way to improve crop yields. So if you're looking for the best NPK fertilizer in India, look no further than Sikri Farms.

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Did You Know Vermilizer Can Improve Your Crop Yield?

To achieve efficient plant growth, crops need the right combination of essential nutrients and minerals. When these nutrients are in short supply, plants may not grow to their full potential. Vermilizers can help by supplying plants with the missing elements, allowing them to reach their maximum production.

Our R&D team designs Vermilizer so that once applied to the soil, it activates the soil, and soil activators trigger the plants to release plant hormones required for healthy plant growth. The Vermilizer comes with the magic granules pouch inside the pack, making it easier to apply on the farms.

Sikri Farms has been awarded a national award for its innovations in vermicompost technology. Your farm and orchard are in good hands!

Plant booster fertilizers are specifically designed to help plants grow bigger and stronger, and they can make a world of difference in your farm. So if you're looking for a way to take your gardening skills to the next level, start using plant booster fertilizers today!

Are You Thinking Of Buying Vermilizer?

Vermicompost fertilizers or Vermilizer are necessary for healthy plants, but most of the time, farmers do not have the right direction to check whether those specific fertilizers are designed to help plants boost their growth or not?

Vermilizer is a special type of NPK fertilizer containing magic bio-granules having high levels of available nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, which are readily available to the plants once applied. It is available in solid form and is mainly known as bio-granules that create the plant growth magic.

Why Vermicompost Fertilizer?

There are many benefits to using vermicompost fertilizer. For one, it is an organic and sustainable way to improve your soil health without side effects. Additionally, Vermilizer (NPK fertilizer) contains nutrients that plants need to thrive—such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus.

Some Significant Benefits of NPK Fertilizer

  • It improves soil fertility and structure even after wintertime
  • Reduces fungal infections in plants
  • Increases moisture capacity in plants and makes them stronger
  • Helps in reducing soil erosion
  • Improves and regulates soil pH, salinity (salt content) and temperature
  • Protects plants from harsh climatic conditions

Using vermicompost fertilizer in your apple orchard or farm can help increase yields while reducing the need for chemical fertilizers. So if you're looking for an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to improve your soil fertility, Vermilizer is just what you need!

When is the best time to use vermicompost?

Benefits that will change your farm or orchard performance

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