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At Sikri Farms, we provide top-notch worm castings and vermicompost for your garden or farm. Our products are packed with helpful microorganisms that make the soil better and the plants healthier! Buy now at a special price, so you won't run out between seasons.

50kg Product Bag

Vermicompost 50kg - Organic Fertilizer / Manure

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1. What are the benefits of vermicompost ?

Ans: It increases water & nutrient uptake, suppresses soil borne plant diseases, inoculates soil with beneficial microorganisms, stimulates root and top growth.

2. Is vermicompost/ organic manure/ manure/ organic fertilizer are all same ?

Ans: Vermicompost is a special kind of product but yes it belongs to the same family of organic manure/ organic fertilisers. There are more catagories in organic feertilisrs/manures like city compost which is prepared with the city residue.

3. What is the shelf life of this product ? How long can i store ? where shall i store it?

Ans: If it is stored in shelter and the bag is sealed after using then you can use it for more than a year Note : 15% moisture must remain in the vermicompost.

4. Is there any special price for the bulk consumers?

Ans: Yes, we do have special offers for 500 kg & above consumers like free soil test, please contact at our customer care ph no 022-49399848

5. Can vermicompost be given to any kind of plants?

Ans: Yes, vermicompost has a neutral pH and its non toxic and 100% safe for any kind of vegetation and on top of this its organic so you can fearlesly try putting it.

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