1. Vermilizer - 100% Water Soluble Magic Bio Granules
    Vermilizer - 100% Water Soluble Magic Bio Granules
  2. Vermicompost 10kg - Organic Fertilizer / Manure
    Vermicompost 10kg - Organic Fertilizer / Manure
  3. vermicompost 50kg
    Vermicompost 50kg - Organic Fertilizer / Manure
  4. WOOP- Organic Vermicompost  1kgs
    WOOP- Organic Vermicompost 1kgs
  5. Vermicompost 5kg - Organic Fertilizer / Manure
    Vermicompost 5kg - Organic Fertilizer / Manure
  6. Vermicompost 24kg - Organic Fertilizer / Manure
    Vermicompost 24kg - Organic Fertilizer / Manure

Sikri farms - India's Best Organic Fertilizer Manufacturers

Vermicompost is an excellent fertilizer that can be used in addition to synthetic fertilizers or as a safe and effective alternative. It's high on nutrients, especially micronutrients and beneficial microbes, which makes it perfect for use with any crop!

Organic farming is on the rise, and so are vermicompost fertilizers. This type of natural fertilizer contains many nutrients for plants which improve soil quality while also being rich in calcium, sulphur & magnesium - things that crops need the most.

Organic fertilizers are gaining enormous popularity globally, and Sikri farms are leading the way in manufacturing and supplying these products to farmers throughout the country. With years of experience and a commitment to quality, Sikri farms have become the go-to source for organic fertilizers.

Sikri Farms' Approach To Sustainable Farming

  • In a world where the sustainability of our food is increasingly important, Sikri Farms is leading the charge in sustainable farming practices.
  • From using organic methods to conserve resources to employing eco-friendly techniques, Sikri Farms sets the bar high for ethical and sustainable agriculture.
  • We adhere to the philosophy of using natural resources to their fullest potential to create a self-sufficient and productive ecosystem for high-yielding crops.
  • Through a combination of traditional farming techniques and modern technology, Sikri Farms manufactures high-quality fertilizers while preserving the environment.

If you're looking for responsibly grown produce, look no further than Sikri Farms.

Buy Vermicompost Fertilizers Before Prices Are Up

Vermicompost, a natural fertilizer used in agriculture and gardening, is made from organic material such as seaweeds and farmyard manure It contains many beneficial bacteria that break down the compound into plant-friendly compounds to increase your yield. At Sikri Fams, we aim to provide the best manure for your crops and yields. Plus we are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of vermicompost fertilizers.

The fertilizers at Sikri Farms are designed for both profit and sustainability. We offer high-quality organic fertilizer, which will last you through the season with its consistent performance; plus we provide an affordable rate that won't break your bank account! Order yours today to get ahead of next year's planting schedule before prices go up even more!

Are you interested in learning more? Give us a call—we are here to answer all of your questions and point you in the direction of products that will work best.

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